It is all about your team

Tools and tips for training your connection team

Connecting with Leads

Connecting with leads is the most important component of the InteresTGenerator program. We are finding people in your area that have requested a Bible study, what happens next is just as important.

Build Trust
Be clear that you are local representative for My Free bible Study This is the brand they saw when they requested the information and received an email from us.
Focus on their request
Interests saw a specific offer but not a specific study. The main goal is to focus on the subject that they responded to. To see our offers and sample ads, click here.
Don't forget to pray
Offering to pray for someone over the phone and asking how you can be praying for them is one of the proven methods for moving from offer to relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of ads and offers
Current Offers

God cares

This series of ads focuses on God's love for people in your community. This ad is designed to resonate with people that feeling lost in the world and want to be grounded in the care of God's love. Good studies for this series will include studies that focus on the character and love of God in the first few lessons.


This series of ads is focused on people that have  a hunger for understanding biblical prophecy. When reaching out to people that have responded to these ads stay focused on the power of biblical prophecy and offer studies that start on that subject.